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Give your biz a total upgrade! - Upgrade 2 Awesome

Boom! Final face lift is happening right NOW!

Several months ago I got the itch to change things up with Upgrade 2 Awesome. I had started the brand in 2014 and it took about a year to really get clear on the direction I wanted to take it.

In July I began the process of re-branding. Whoo! What a fun and complex process that was. It included:

  • Professional photography
  • New tagline
  • New logo
  • New Wordpress theme
  • New fonts
  • New colors
  • New copy
  • New freebies

I thought that this process would just take 2 months (3 at the max). Boy was I wrong. It definitely took a lot longer as I was doing many of these elements DIY style.

Instead of keeping a “coming soon” page up indefinitely, I created a temporary site… one that showcased some of the new brand elements. And that is what you’ve been seeing up until now.

But it’s time folks! Time to complete the final phase of the face lift and bring my vision to life.

So stay tuned as this site is gonna change!

Lots of love,


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